Technical Data

Capstan Water Meter Technical Details:

Capstan water meters are designed for durability, accuracy of registering continuous flow and long life . All capstan water meters confirm to IS 2373.

Following types of Capstan water meters are available with us :

  • Capstan Class B Multi-jet Domestic meters

  • Capstan Class B Sensus RM water meters ( HOT water meter available in this range)

  • Capstan Class A Enclosed Spiral Water Meters

Capstan Domestic water meters: (15mm - 50mm) Multi jet , Dry dial , class ‘B’ :

Salient Features:

  • Mature design, carefull selection of material and quality control at different stages of manufacture ensures that Capstan water meters are precise, robust and durable.

  • High quality wear resistant imported materials are used. Special attention is paid to moving parts and bearings.

  • Roller counter mechanism is driven through a magnetic coupling.It is completely separated from water and always stays clean and easily readable.

  • The rotor is the only part which moves in water . It has a defined two point bearing and runs on sapphire jewel bearing .

  • Have equally spaced tangential holes in the measuring chamber through which the water flows and impinges on the impeller equally on all sides. There being no side thrust the bearing wear is reduced to its minimum.

  • Capstan meter offers high measurement sensitivity and accuracy .

  • Suitable for water temperature upto 45’C.

  • Conforms to class “B” of ISO : 4064/1 and IS:779 1994 and are ISI marked .

Capstan Sensus Woltman meters: (50mm-600mm) Removable Mechanicsm, class ‘B’ :

Capstan Sensus meters confirm to ISO-4064. ( EEC MARKED):


  • Measurment of high , relatively constant flow rates of water upto 45’C.
  • Capstan Sensus HOT water meter suitable upto 130'C.
  • Remote reading capability - Digital output with Electronic Counters.

Materials of construction:

  • Body - Cast Iron.
  • Measuring Element - Plastic
  • Rotor - Plastic
  • Brass and stainless steel are also used.

Special Features:

  • Meters have EEC marking.
  • Hermetically sealed register (IP 68)
  • High over load capacity .
  • Symmetrical calibration adjustment ( DN 300 )
  • Rotor Hydrodynamically balanced ( DN 300 )
  • Removable measuring element .
  • Powder coating offers maximum corrosion resistance .
  • Register can be rotated through 360’
  • Not affected by external Magnetic fields.
  • ¼” connection port for pressure sensor .
  • Upto 3 pulsers ( 1 X OD , 2 X RD ) may be fitted without breaking the approval seal.
  • Data Logger compatible meter can also be supplied.


In Horizontal , vertical, Inclined pipes . Metering head Upwards or side war

Digital output with Electronic Counters:

* Totalizer KL

* Flowrate KL/HR

Installation Requirments:

Unrestricted straight pipe before and after the meter upto 300mm: 3 X DIA : from 400mm : 5 X DIA . No abrupt restriction immediately behind meter thus for long durability Installation of strainer before the meter is recommended .

Technical Data :
Performance Table as per ISO 4064/1 of 2005 Class B:


Spiral Water meters: (50mm-600mm) - Enclosed Type, class ‘A’:

Capstan Spiral meters confirm to IS 2373.

Salient Features :

  • Meters upto 100mm have ISI marking.
  • Specifically designed to meet demand of reliable meters, capable of measuring large quantities of water , where little loss of water head is allowed .
  • The Meter casing is of graded cast iron and houses press fitted non removable liner made of brass .
  • Tested to withstand a maximum hydrostatic pressure of 16 kg/cm2 .
  • Suitable for maximum temperature of 45’C
  • High Overload capacity .
  • Powder coating affords maximum corrosion protection.
  • Meters are designed to measure water even when pipe is full.

Installation Requirements :

Unrestricted straight pipe before the meter 10 X DIA . No abrupt restriction immediately behind meter thus for long durability Installation of strainer before the meter is recommended.

Technical Data :
Performance Table as per IS:2373:




Following represents reading shown in windows of the dial:



  • Check that Seal and SR.NO of the meter is intact.
  • Check test certificate giving test results for pressure, tightness , loss of pressure , metering accuracy , and minimum starting flow.
  • Check that before installing meter, the line is throughly flushed.
  • Check that the meter is installing accordingly to the direction of flow marked on the meter.
  • Check that inferential meter is placed horizontal with dial upwards.
  • Check that the strainer of the meter is not removed.
  • Check that the meter has been installed as recommended in installation drawing.
  • Ensure that the protection lid is kept closed and opened only while taking reading.
  • Provide External filter for safety and long life of the meter.


  • m3/h = 1000 Litres/hr
  • Maximum Flow rate ( Qmax)
  • Nominal Flow rate ( Qn)
  • Transitional Flow rate (Qt)
  • Minimal Flow rate (Qmin)
  • Nominal Pressure (PN)
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